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At SNP, we offer high quality IT Services on Time & Material basis. We integrate Technology, processes and experience to deliver superior IT Solution that enables the implementation of your business strategies efficiently and cost-effectively. Also our offshore development program allows you to offload either all or a portion of the project development to SNP team of experts.

   Software Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing has proved to be a differentiating factor for companies, offering cost, time and quality advantages. Today, it is common practice to look to distant shores for:

    Expertise in latest technology. 

    Rapid Deployment

    Lowered Cost.

    Rapid Deployment

Offshore outsourcing is a high-gain - high-risk proposition, powerful and perilous. The elusive key to a successful offshore venture resides in a twelve-letter word - relationship. Offshore development is as much about technical skills and quality as it is about a relationship based on compatibility, trust and mutual respect.

   Services Offerings:

    Business to business applications

    E-commerce applications

    Business process automation and workflow

    Enterprise3 applications integration

    Data warehousing and analysis

    Document management and document imaging

    Web and application design

    Data conversion

    Data and application porting

    Application maintenance and localization

    Embedded solutions

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    E-shops, horizontal portals

    Online market places and auctions

    Remote consulting systems

    Web processing terminals, payment, and billing systems

    Corporate web sites

According to your needs and budget, we will develop the optimal software solution. We use the most popular and cutting edge Internet-related technologies that are optimal for the project from a technical and financial point of view.

Our programming skills are not limited with the solutions above, and if you do not find the exact programming task in this list, just contact us and our specialists will review your task and show how we can solve it.

   Outsourcing Database Administration (DBA) Services:

As a means to reduce IT expenses is the order of the day. Remote rendering of DBA services results in improved system performance, enabling high efficiency and lower cost of operation. We help our clients benefit by deploying a team of remote DBA experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time equivalents with comparable experience locally.

Remote DBA services are covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with all parameters that range from simple database augmentation to avoiding of gaps in service coverage to 24X7 proactive monitoring that can help detect problems before they occur. Additionally, we provide a number of valuable reports designed to aid in database system performance.

SNP will help you determine the best administrative strategies, hedge risks and exposure to disruptive downtime and make sure your databases operates at peak efficiency, regardless of the user load.

We have information resources, analytical tools and most important, certified database experts who can help you understand and evaluate the full range of database administration options so that you can build a strong database administration and technology strategy.

   Business value through Remote Datebase Administration Services:

    Gain a predictable annual budget for database administration

    Reduce DBA expenses: salary increases, benefits, recruiting, and training.

    Avoid internal hardware and work space costs: computers, printers, phones, cubicles, offices, etc.